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Here are the settings for my Shepard.


0 = Full Left.


Facial Structure: 6
Skin Tone: 2
Complexion: Full right
Scar: 8

Neck Thickness: 23
Face Size: 14
Cheek Width: 13
Cheek Bones: 13
Cheek Gaunt: 0
Ears Size: Your choice
Ears Orientation: Your choice

Eye Shape: 7
Eye Height: 11
Eye Width: 14
Eye Depth: 15
Brow Depth: 12
Brow Height: 1
Iris Colour: Full left

Chin Height: 22
Chin Depth: 1
Chin Width: 19
Jaw Width: 8

Mouth Shape: 6
Mouth Depth: 3
Mouth Width: 2
Mouth Lip Size: 17
Mouth Height: 9

Nose Shape: 5
Nose Height: 3
Nose Depth: 11

Colour: Full right
Hair: 1
Brow: Full right
Brow Colour: Full right


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The only thing I care about on my Shepard is the jawline and the nose. Gotta have that thin, curved nose.

Original Melvin Shepard