Shangri-La Videos

I apologize if these have been posted (well the official trailer that is). I am still getting used to the new look/layout of the Xbox forums and the search function has eluded me. Anyway...

Official Shangri-La Trailer

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Remixed version

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Shangri-La looks awesome, I can't wait for the new types of zombies, weapons, traps, etc... This could just be their best work yet.


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links broken?

In the jungle the mighty jungle...

Same thing happened to me. If you hover over the link it shows youtube but when you click on it it says something about forum groups.

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In the jungle the mighty jungle...


it would be awesome if that was the secret song

I could be wrong but I think I saw a PPSH and a SVT in that video.

Yep it would be awesome, i notice that they always use a mainstream (and/or) well known song in the trailers of upcoming dlc's (take call of the dead for example), but then when you get the dlc and find the secret song you discover that it's just another song by treyarch some how made specially for COD. I was surprised that it was'nt the same for FIVE.


Anyways i wonder what it'll take to activate the new secret song , maybe 3 things again i assume?

Here are the links in case they didn't work.





I must say, the marketing team is VERY good at what they do.

In the first Video

Did anyone else Notice there was No water where the waterfall should be?

I've done pretty much everything there is to do on this map and have yet to see that happen


I ment where the Minecart ends