Shangri-La: Strange (possible glitch) Occurance

So I was playing Shangri-La today online with three others and one person had to pick up their kid from school for about 15 minutes, he left his character crouched in the middle of the bridge while we entertained two crawlers at the end of round 25.  After about 10 minutes of no problems one of our team members was running past him on the bridge at which point both characters were immediately downed and the box let out a laugh as if one of us had received the teddy.  It was definitely NOT one of the two crawlers that downed them as I was watching both of them below the bridge in the waterfall basin and observed the two players being suddenly downed.  Both players were able to be revived like usual but were missing their perks, which was a pretty big setback seeing as how some had used the majority of their points going for monkeys out of the box.  At the time they were downed and the laugh was heard no one was trying or even near the box and it stayed in it's same location as if nothing had happened.

Has this happened to anyone else/ does anyone know what would cause this?


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Yeah, that has definitely happened to me before.  In a high round!  We ended up losing after that... :(

^^Yup, Ive seen the vids of the glitch on YT before, but I havent experienced it myself.........................unless thats why I always go down!!

I thought some monkey business like that was going on a few games ago!  At one point we could hear a slow crawler but couldn't find him, then he sneaked up to snack on my ankles and scared the bejesus out of me haha

There are a few invisible zombie glitches in the higher rounds.

^ Haha, this happened during my last zombies game. It was literally like 30 minutes ago.. my teammate jumped on me and I went down. It wasn't a problem though cause I could buy my perks again, but he couldn't buy anything lol.

I also experienced on the weirdest glitches ever. So me and my team were by the bridge. We were getting overrun so my teammate throws a monkey bomb on the side of the bridge. After it's gone, I don't know what the hell.. but you would get hit if you stood on the bridge. Nothing was in front of us, but you could see the little arrow that indicates where you were hit from the bottom. There were no zombies in the waterfall or at the bridge. It was just bizarre, but it made for the lulz. That was a fun game to be honest.

One of your teammates must have dove on top of the away player's head. Doing so downs both players and a laugh is heard in the background. This is a little glitch (or easter egg) that gives you a better chances for power-ups.