Shangri-La Easter Egg

I'm looking for 2 people for the easter egg, need a mic, send me a message, i don't really like voice messages but send them if you really need to


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still need 2 people for the achievement, i know all the steps. just needs someone who can live long enough and can listen

now only need one more person

add me

or me ive done it n will kindly help out - also 7 perks that u cant lose is pure beast mode - best fun ive had on zombies ever

Add me i will do it

I'll do it :) i love zombies add me whoever wants to play

if you havent done it already hit me up im down whenever. hit me up. SHOTTY 2 HOTTIE

If anybody needs an extra I'll gladly help cause I need it too.

if anyone is willing to do this easter egg with me too, send me a friend request