Shangri-La Easter Egg

I need three people that could help me out with the easter egg! Please reply asap if you could. Ive been trying this easter egg with random ppl and its just not working out. i need ppl who can cooperate. thanks guys.


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I'm in the same boat.  I usually play solo zombies or split screen with a friend.  I want the Richtofen gamer pic, the only way to get it is the easter egg, which has to have four (as you know).  My gamertag is S3PP3KU.  Hit me up if your still interested.

you know theres like 6 other threads about zombies on the first page

I can help with this around 5:30pm central today.  Hit me up.  I want to get this done.

i can help as well i have gotten to the second to last step but have yet to complete

I can help later when I get on, This easter egg was pretty easy. Quite a few steps and takes a little bit to finish but isn't too hard.

i reaaly need help plzzzzz

I'll be on all day. Looking to do it as well. Add me as a friend