Shangri La Easter Egg (All 7 perks; don't lose any of them when you go down)

Once completing this easter egg, one person who picks up the focusing stone gets all 7 perks and does not lose them if they go down. I have read that this can be completed 4 times so that each person has the focusing stone and all 7 perks, but I have not done it myself. 

How to:

Add me if you want me to show you how to do it


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I would nt mind doing this but at work till Monday now.also I ain't got much idea on Wat needs to be done so if that don't bother u and ur free anytime Mon to wed let me know ill send u a fr

Listen to the radio that appears at the bottom of the stairs to the pac a punch, it will be on the floor ;-)

How do you reset it?

You can complete it multiple times, we did it 3 times on a game and ran out of ammo before getting the  napalm zombie on the 4th run-through, also once completed and reset you will notice a flickering flame in the air, where the 1st temple orb appears, if you complete the Easter egg more times more flames appear in the positions of the temple orbs, I think the real Easter egg is to complete it 7 times in 1 run-through, 6 to light all the flames and the last 1 to shot the orbs whilst they have the extra flames alight.