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I have been asking randoms in lobbies about this but no one seems to know. Is there a boss type character in the new zombies? The video on the dashboard clearly shows a big dude, like George from Call of the Dead, attacking you at some point. Is it part of the easter egg? Or was it merely in the video just to be in the video?


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Noxious - I have a zombie vid up on my youtube account you can check out.  Just check my sig.  There are two new zombies - not really bosses and not like George.  You'll be playing a round and one of the two new zombies will spawn just like a regular zombie and come after you.  One is like a shrieking banshee that runs at you and can shoot you and blind you - the other is slow and methodical and is on fire.  Hope that helps.

There are two new zombie types, the Napalm Zombies, which have more health than the average zombie, and leave a little patch of fire where they die, that slowly goes out.

Then there's the Shrieker Zombies, which scream at the player and blind them.

The Napalm Zombies are pretty slow. like George when he's calm, and the Shrieker Zombies are fast, like the Pentagon Thief.  They don't appear too often, but you'll know when they do, as they're pretty distinguishable from regular Zombies.

I know the zombies you guys are talking about but check out the video on the dashboard for Inside Xbox. They show a guy roughly the size of George. I searched on google for it but came up only with napalm and shrieker zombies.

-The Napalm zombie's explosion acts like the fire pit trap on Kino Der Toten.  It kills any zombie (for the most part) that runs through the 8'x8' radius of leftover fire.  You can either shoot his gut or blow him up, but I'm waiting to see what the PaP'd crossbow would do to him.   Also, dispose of a Napalm zombie without it harming any players, and earn the achievement "Zombie Disposal".

-The Shrieker zombies are extremely strong and fast.  One hit without Jugg and you're down.  The best way to get rid of these guys is a quick headshot.  If you're blinded by it, and you still manage to kill it, you'll earn the achievement "Blinded by the Fright".

-As far as the Easter Egg, you need a Napalm Zombie for step 7.  Once you're at this step,  have everyone meet you at the mine cart at the top of the hill.  When the Napalm zombie rounds the corner, take the mine cart down to the bottom of the waterfall and try to get a crawler (the Napalm zombies do not actually count as part of the zombie wave).  From there you can just kill the rest of the zombies and still have a crawler to make the step easier.  If it's a later round, however, you'll probably need to move on before the Napalm zombie gets to you.

[quote user="NoxiousFarts"]They show a guy roughly the size of George.[/quote]

The Napalm zombies are about the size of George, and just as slow.