Shadow The Hedgehog 2. (Ideas)

I'd like to see a sequel from this game but a GOOD one, I remember when I was on the Gamecube era I bought this game just to see how it was and that time I thought it was pretty fun but by just looking at it now it's just bad, now here are a few ideas that would be on the sequel if there was one:



Now more paths: Depending on how you do or what you do in the game, like choosing being good, bad or neutral, I know it could take you to different levels and multiple ending but no, it was complicated that time doing a good mission but then failing many times and just doing the other one you just can.


No more sidekicks: Shadow is good by himself and he rather be by himself, does he really need people to go with him? Like other characters from the Sonic series and villains, I mean they are just worthless, they don't even help you and sometimes they just jump and fall somewhere where they die until they respawn or get replaced by another character.


No more bad dialogue: The dialogue could be really cheesy, very repetetive and badly interrupted by another character in the first game, just make it better without those things!


No more multiplayer: <---Like what it says, unless it's good this time.


Language: In the first game there were a few swear words like shadow kept saying heck, damn and for some reason a part where Sonic says **** I think, come on it's a kids game (kind of) if it will follow up like that make it a T rated game, unless some censor could give it an E10+ rating again.


Weapons: In the first game the gun shadow carries wasn't really as good as everyone expected, you can just jump to enemies too, at least give some new better guns and a better use of them or just no more guns.


Storyline: Where was Shadow being lately? You guys can still make a new story about him other than just a follow up of how he had amnesia, new bad guys and her Maria.


BE GOOD: Just be good.


Shadow the Hedgehog is my favorite character from the series and I can just stare at how bad his first game as the main character was, it was as bad as how bad Luigi's first game was, Mario is Missing, but then he returned in Luigi's Mansion which turned out to be very good as a return. Just make another game starting Shadow, it doesn't have to be a sequel of his first game but just any new game starting him as the protagonist..


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I wouldn't want to. It wouldn't "be good" anyway.

No no no no no no no.


All of Sonic's friends should leave the series but Knuckles, Tails, and Amy.


Shadow was the start of bad Sonic games.

Sonic and Shadow romance.

How about they just make a new game? One that isn't a spin off of a failed Sega marketing ploy. All those characters are lame and unappealing, that's why they keep failing.

A GOOD Sonic spinoff? You're asking for too much.

Sonic Adventure 3 plz

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No no no no no no no.


All of Sonic's friends should leave the series but Knuckles, Tails, and Amy. No Shadow and Blaze? D:


Shadow was the start of bad Sonic games. Well I thought Sonic Heroes was the start of making the series bad (Even though there were bad Sonic games before that one like Sonic R, Sonic Shuffle, etc)


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Sonic and Shadow romance.

[/quote]Take your Sonadow off my ideas.

I thought you'd like a game with some love.

The one I played when I was younger on the gamecube was a failed attempt to try and get more hardcore gamers to play the game from what I remember. Also, didn't he drive a motorcycle. lol fail.

Shadow The Hedgehog does NOT need a sequel, that game was AWFUL. Sega just needs to stick to what they are doing now with Generations and maybe Sonic won't fall into that horrid destitute it's been stuck in for the longest time now.