Shadow Hunters Gaming

Shadow Hunters Gaming is a clan that opened back in September.  Currently we have 15 members, but we are recruiting heavily.  Nobody is turned away because of lack of skill.  While there is no age limit, we do ask that our members conduct themselves in a mature manner.  No Drama, No Spamming, or anything of those things.  We are a clan that hosts both the XBOX360 as well as the PS3.  We have multiple job opportunities open as well.  These opportunities consist of: Squad Leaders, Co-Squad Leaders, Undercover Operations Agents, Talent Scouts, Internal Affairs Officers, Public Relations Managers, Forum Maintenance Specialist, and so much more.  We operate on a rank system.  The better the job, the higher the rank, and with higher ranking people, the more privileges you get(access to forums lower ranks don't have, etc...).  We are on twitter: @hunters_shadow.  But if you would like, check out our site:  Current games we play for the 360 division are:  Black Ops 2, Minecraft, Diablo 3, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.   The PS3 division is currently playing:  Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.   Questions?  Feel free to email the clan's email address specifically made for receiving questions and sending out answers to people: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.  Subject line should be: Questions about Clan.  Our motto is: "Death Shall not prevail and everyone has a voice.".  This means every member of SHG has a voice in the clan decisions, The United States is a Democracy and as such, we use democracy in our clan.  We hope to see you in our clan very soon.  You may also contact the clan leader on xbox via typed out messages.  His Gamertag is: SR STARWARS. 


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