SFX-360's Review of Rage

Now that the Embargo has lifted on the game. Here is my review on the new hit title Rage for the Xbox 360.

Link: http://sfx-360.com/newsite/reviews/rage-xbox-360-review/ 

Once you get into the game please feel free to post your thoughts on the game in here or in any of the forums in the section.


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Nice read.  Im looking forward to getting it tomorrow.  Glad you enjoyed the story, as that seems to be the weak point other sites are dinging it on.  

The only thing that annoyed me was the racing MP and Thank You!

Great to read. I actually added SFX to my iPad screen yesterday, so I could have more places to review games. So I would have seen this sometime today. I've seen your sig but it never sunk in "who" you are and what you did...sorry. But I'm headed to Game Stop right after work. It's going to be a long, slow day here.

Nice review, reaffirms what I thought could be with this game. Really looking forward to experience this title. I absolutely empathize w/ ChickinOnaChain, gonna be long day at work.

Can't wait to pick mine up. Most reviews say the story is ok, it's just the end they say is a let down. Either way, good review, definitely been looking forward to this.

Yea, I'm also annoyed that once you beat the game the only way to continue is start a new game. I mean what happened to allowing the user to free roam once everything is beat?

So have any of you found some great Easter Eggs?

@ H20 Acidic i was skimming through the g4 website and i think they were talking about the original  Wolfenstein game is in a room in the very beginning  

I found one cool Easter Egg so far.

SPOILER (maybe)

when you get to wellspring there is a vault boy vault tech bobble head on his desk! you can pick it up and sell it for $150 but i just like hanging onto it.