Sewer contents info?

  I'm sure most everyone has heard about the" in game sewer access" for people who purchase the game new. I've read that the sewers will be used for shoutcuts and hidden entrances and so on. Probably have some sewer dwelling enemies as well. I was wondering if anyone else had any information or insights...? Like most of you I am getting pretty fired-up for this release, and think it will succeed on multple levels.





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Im super pumped about the game, but I have maintained an impressive amount of ignorance regarding this game.  I think its my first mostly successful media blackout that I have attempted.    Ive watched a few trailers and gameplay video's, but I really have no idea about the story.  I have heard about the sewers, but cant answer anything other than to concur with you that I am excited as well.  ^^^In before Cool Story Br0

Not watched a single video trailer or anything

but ive been waiting for this game for along time because imo [and its going to sound daft with what i said up top] it's what fallout 3 should of been like [wasteland]

I wouldn't say its what Fallout 3 should have been.  If it should have been anything but what it was, it should have been much more like the originals.

I liked Fallout 3, but it just felt very lazy to me.. I mean, there was almost no details in the environment. I like my little details that allude to much more. For example, in Ocarina Of Time, there is a tree in the lake that has 3 claw marks in it. It's never talked about or explained and just sorta' leaves you to think about it and what happened there. Same thing for Resident Evil. Certain things in your surroundings can tell a story all of their own just by looking them. I love painting a picture in my head of what could have happened.