Several Questions, please help me out

There wasnt a category for this, but I was wonderin how to get album info on music downloaded from cds. i wanna put my music library on my xbox, but dont want to have to type in every album and song. 2ndly, how does system link work and how can i set up to use 2 diff xboxes in the same room, so as for a friend to work on his achievements and such by doin multiplayer co-op and what not? and 3rdly, how do i link my xbox to my computer so i can access my computer files from my system?


Please feel free to answer all or one of my questions, its greatly appreciated, thank you


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1. Not sure. I've never ripped a CD to my 360

2. How to Setup System Link 

3. XBOX 360 as Media Player

The following links for 2&3 should get you started.

Honestly Media center is a horrible POS. It tries to much to be stylish with out any concept of being functional. I have tried Media center for the last week. And it is slow and horrible. one of the worst design features is that when watching a video streamed from your PC none of the buttons on the controller match  the same functions as when watching a video stored  on the Xbox. The functions are clunky and messy.

In all honesty, use Tversity, it's much more intuitive and streams the media to your console and then the console treats it like it is on the console rather than running through a different program on your PC. Accessing Tversity is faster than waiting for Media center to connect and it's much smoother. Tversity is free too.