Several Issues with my Console

Hello everyone.  

I've had quite a week with my new 360 slim.  For starters, I started experiencing loud fan sounds that would eventually stop and my ssystem would start.  That soon turned into a red ring/dot case.  I looked online for some possible causes and solutions and found one on youtube that suggested taking out the harddrive (mine is an external add-on 320 gb) and shake it a little then put it back in securely.   This worked! 

So now my xbox works but since then I have had a few issues spring up.  For starters, I lost all my save progress for Mass effect 2, though my mass effect 1 progress stayed intact.  That is unsolvable and I've just come to terms with it (tear tear)

Here's the most frustrating ones: Before the red ring, I had purchased and was playing the Black Ops 2 revolution map pack.. Since the system started working again, I was receiving an error:  "Downloadable content has changed: FC80070570"  I looked up that code and couldnt find anything.  Ive also cleared my cache, deleted market place data, deleted Revolution and downloaded again several times.  Im at a loss!

Second frustration is with Halo 4.  I downloaded the new majestic map pack and I cant even get past the title screen because it is stuck on the screen that says "checking downloadable content data" with the spinning circle.

any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


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