Servers after midnight


can please somebody help me  with this ? i want to plat the game but i can't with this s**** servers ....


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Be glad, I only get stuck in Foreign Servers from over-seas after midnight that every one but myself is a walking tank.

i dislike the foreign servers, makes me wonder if anyone ever plays in the USA, or that those countrys have so few players they join USA servers.

I have the same problem really late at night foreign players.

I don't really have much of a problem finding servers after midnight. It's staying in them that's the problem. I tend to get booted to the main menu a lot at night randomly. No idea why other than it's EA's servers being annoying, seeing as it's a pretty wide issue.

That is normal for this game and other BF games. I am on eastern time and starts to slow down after midnight. I have noticed if me and my friends search for a game together we are most likely be put in a server half full. If we search by ourselves most of the time we find full games and have to work our friends in to those games. Thats the bad thing with servers.