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I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with the 'Forza 4 server cannot be located' message I get when trying to check LB's, do laps in club cars or anything to do with online play. It comes and goes, but its gonna be the death of me if it doesn't stop. Is this a result of absolutely horrendous servers or is it something to do with my side. I've seen other people with the same issue, so I'm leaning to thinking its the servers. All my other games work perfectly


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yeah haha it does get annoying, i get a message telling me the servers arent available a lot when bidding on cars in the auction house...think turn10 need to get more servers up on the go :( or do whatever they have to to fix the issues a lot of us are having

I haven't been able to log on for about an hour now.

I was able to delete a tune off my store, but not upload one.  Frustrating.

I was having trouble just looking at the leaderboards seeing where i was and stuff. It's not just you

LB's are a problem, but trying to use a club car can be an absolute nightmare sometimes

please fix the severs

Sorry if its not the topic of this forum but Im looking for a solution to my problem, 3 months ago I've buy the forza 4 game and play great on my xbox 360s, five days ago I insert again the disk (with no scratches, totally new) and a message of "Unrecognized disc" It's showimg me, all others games works great, and curiously non of the disc of forza 4 can't be readed.

Sorry for my english...

I'll appreciate all the help...

PD: I've clean the system cache, clean the disc, reset my console but non of this possible solution fix the problem

Wlamsick - i can't help with this - but you may get more responses if you start a new thread - either here or on the forum on the Forza4 website...sure someone there can help.

i think it's just that no-one's seen your request for help....

oh sorry - you already did!

Is the Forzamotor forum ever up?