server issues? no games found!

so i convinced the mrs to have a gold account so obviously i can play more if shes playin too. we mostly play online cod3 multiplayer but last few weeks theres been server issues and most of the game lobbies keep coming up no games found so weve been playin a lot of infected. does anyone know or can tell me whats hapening wiv it cos shes gettin bored just playing infected lol . it is frustrating when we want a bit of variety and it aint there! if this keeps up ill be reduced to having to watch girly flix and id rather be shooting people! cod3 is the only game we can be on same xbox at same time. help

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You meant MWF3 totally different game from CoD3 but anyway my nephew had the same problem trying to connect to matches in MWF3 as well and had to mess around with his router..i'm no tech specialist (although that would be nice lol) but there are a couple things he had to switch and change in the router configuration and was back in the action.

oops my bad. so used to ust calling it cod3 at home. will try messin wiv router when i finish work thursday morning as im at work till then :(  not a tech head either and my routers a piece of junk. maybe time to get a new one. curious s to y i can get some lobbies and not others? ah well get a hammer out and smack it one time. bout the level of my tech knowledge. thx for the tip buddy :)


MW3 will tell you what your NAT type is when you're in a Multiplayer lobby. What is it?


If it isn't Open you may encounter slow matchmaking times and limited possible games, so let us know what that is and look into getting it fixed. If you've got a crap router and you know it's crap, look into replacing it. If your NAT type is Strict/Moderate and you aren't getting another router, (or it's the same with your new router) come back and let us know and we'll try to help.


I fixed my NAT after several weeks of frustration (the issue randomly arose for me) and hope it goes well for you : )

^^^ Thank you for that CSB..that's exactly what my nephew had to play around with...apparently it was restricting him from playing quite a few online match making games and couldn't join parties and the like..NAT can be a pain.

ok found the problem. i downloaded 2dlc for mw3 collection 3 and 4. turns out one of the dlc is blocking my access to lobbies. ive deleted dlc 4 which is the one blocking access. im gonna try downloading it again tomorrow n see if it happens again but what do you think are my chances of getting a refund? :)

lol as soon as I read this Marcus from Borderlands came to mind(No Refunds)..strange that a dlc is messing with lobbies but I guess I have seen stranger things...hope your able to get back in the action soon.