Seriously unlocks after entire enemy team quit!

Just wanted to give some hope to anyone chasing Seriously who thinks they're never gonna get it with all the idiot quitters out there.  I just unlocked it today in a match where half my team and half the other team quit during the first round.  The other two guys on their team then quit in the next couple of rounds and we obviously won.  I got 3 kills during the match and was just thinking oh i bet these don't even count when i got the unlocking noise and hey presto!  Unlocked at 12040 kills exactly.  I think this puts to death all the nonsense about it having to be at least 3v3 either when it ends or when you get your kills etc.


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Your name looks familiar...

Well I'm way past that point so something else must be going wrong in the game for two-thirds of my kills not counting.