Seriously how is the demo and nhl 12, ? coming from an average hockey fan.

I play a little bit to once a month of the game and would like to know how is the game coming along from the guys who play much of it like the regs in here do, since I rarely look up any info on the series. I know about hockey from the basic rules of the game and what I watch on t.v. I am not  a hockey buff and could not tell you who is who if they ARE NOT THE SUPERSTARS OF THE GAME BUT DO RESPECT EVERY PLAYER. I do like the gaming mechanics and the fast play of the game and there is nothing like a deke to the right or left fake the shot pull back and blast one into the goal. I have played alot of  nhl 09, little of 10 but not 11. So yeah any input on the new stuff added this year that tweek the game enough to make a difference would help to know abot.


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Thanks for all the responses. I just picked up the game about 30 minutes ago and am looking forward to some online play. This year I will work harder on D and offensively work on my manual shots. You know just take time before the shot and aim where I want the puck to go. Having the shot set to auto somewhat makes me feel as if I am cheating myself because I also know the elite player and most of the nhl online community use manual.

The begining tuner sets of every NHL for the past years on release the game is "slow" but the noobs who want a arcadey hockey game because they wanna abuse their regular exploits, EA will continue to make the tuner sets a little faster, not to mention your Be a Pro guys are 70 overalls, your speed agility and acceleration are also extremely low, so relax people play the game and build your guy up...the game will go back to being your usual glitch arcadey bullshit that you all want to play, as for me I love the way it is now...scoreless games in double OT, a 2--0 win etc...something realistic not 8-7 games etc

I tried the demo....Much better than NHL 07,08,09,10 and 11 .Graphics and presentation have improved(updated ice,score clocks, teams like the sharks entering the rink through the giant shark mouth, etc.) As for game play in my opinion the game has a new crisp ,cleaner feel to it. The glass breaks and helmets pop off (done in recent EA games prior),goalies can fight,players can be checked into the bench like in NHL 2K10, and you can play with legendary players like Borje Salming , Wayne Gretzky, etc. This game seems to be better overall compared to the past few years.

Loving the demo! Goalie fights are awesome. So are the new animations. The AI d-men are a lot more intelligent, and you cannot easily "toe drag" around them for breakaways, like in NHL 11.

Random Tip: If you don't know how to start a goalie fight... After a whistle, take control of your goalie (or just position lock as Goalie on the starting line-ups screen) and just start skating towards center ice. It seems to work more when I play as the Bruins (Tim Thomas).

I just got into a fight... seems to be identical to NHL 11 which was identical to NHL 10... I haven't tried to run the goalie or put a guy over the boards yet, maybe I'll do that now.

As far as I can see... it's pretty much a slightly better looking NHL 11. I don't think this was geared towards players like me... I have no interest in all this Be A Player crap, nor did I care for the card game feature from NHL 11. Even looking through the achievements list, it's really not built for folk that still want to play as a GM.

I have bought every NHL game since NHLPA on the Sega Genesis and this one I'm thinking of skipping. I already own a copy of it under a differant name. I might still change my mind if some of the features are worth it... like if the UFA/RFA issue's where fixed and if contracts are no longer stupid as all hell! (Anybody that played more than three seasons in NHL 11 knows what I mean by that)

Anybody know what new features Be A GM has??

Yup no fights for me yet, I think. Lol,been up so late playing that I fall asleep while gaming. Sucks but hey it's better then being part of the NLC and not having a life that causes me to crash at night while I play.

The game has been a bit more difficult on the medium settings with hardcore on but when I have it on all star/hardcore highest difficulty the game play is a bit better in the sense that the players move much better and the passing from me to my players is within the teammate. Yeah passing has been a challenge on the higher difficulty settings combined with face offs for me. Better to have some difficulty in the demo because then you know you want to buy the game to test yourself and defeat it! Can't wait for online play. I have not played online since NHL 10.

It's ok. I wish it would show more what's to come. You get to start the 3rd and goals have all ready happened. some games your down by 5 goals. Made me laugh. Some of my buddy's said they have been in fights. But I have yet been in one.

i like that the "roving " slap shot is gone. it defied physics in the last two games -- they have it right in this one,.

the controls seem tighter, but the goalie is a lot slower.

Tried out the demo last night on several difficulties and must say it was not bad, played all games as the canucks. Won my first game as 3-0 on easy mode, I had 1 goal in that game. Then upped the difficulty to pro and lost that game in a 2-2 tie that went into a shoot out and lost . Kept the same difficulty for the third game and won that game in a shoot out on a goal by me yes I played the BAP mode one time and found the game to bemore difficult and the camera angles were off but ehhh it was not what I expected but not a finished product so we shall see.

 All in all I found the ""demo"" gameplay to be:


    -less responsive on offense

    -AI opponents defense was stronger and better on higher difficulties.

    -The slap shot set up I usually perform while on the move in this game was disrupted by the d just

      about every time I attempted it.

    -The BAP seemed off due to the camera angles and was also slower. Playing as a right wing guy   does not help because we all know the center sees the puck more and has more mobility so you can see how the game handles but it is just a demo.