So having completed the main story with a few side mish to resolve, i am totally hooked into this game and may play AA if i can find it (only played demo but didnt buy it). However i am hoping there will be a sequel yet i cant seem to find anythnig positive on that. What i do know is Joker may or may not be back as good old Luke Skywalker has confirmed he wont do the voice again. Then again, check out this link for a very weak plot reveal:




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Hopefully, the upcoming 'Harley's Revenge' DLC will shine a bit more light on this little curio, RockSteady are currently working on a new game, but haven't said anything yet on whether it's a Batman game, Kevin Conroy (Batman) has also recently stated in an interview that he's working on a new game as well, I wouldn't be too surprised if we get some more details in the near future, perhaps around E3 time.  I think that they should abandon any new plans for Joker, for the time being, maybe even dispense with the 'Arkham' theme all together and branch out a bit more, we'll see...:-)

@Arkham99, I agree they can loose the Arkham moniker as long as it is from Rocksteady and it is a Batman game. But I really don't see that happening in order to preserver continuity.  There will be another game, maybe we will hear something at E3, but I most likely not this year. I think next year we might get some info, great games take time and I am sure most of here are happy to wait in order to get the best game possible.

My question is why a trilogy, why does everything have to be trilogy, (lets face it Arkham will be a trilogy as far as a story arch). Star wars, Nolan's Batman trilogy, Gears of War, to name a few.  I get the the format is nice you have beginning middle and end and you can do a lot in that framework but why must everything be like that.  Personally I would love for them to drop the Arkham name in the next game and just let Batman pursue someone else is a new scenario running around Gotham.  Keep the core mechanics while making enhancements, like they did with Arkham City a few new gadgets and the whole flying around were great additions but by no means change the core of what everyone loved about Asylumn.  Maybe increase the map area and add vehicles (I not sure this would be that great but just an idea).  Also I would also love to see a multi-player element added. Preferably a co-op where you and a friend can join up to deal out some serious damage, don't think a competitive multiplayer really fits with the game.  

I'd prefer an Arkham Institution as a sort of "cameo" place for the next game, a hideout or something for the main villain perhaps, one aspect that I'd like to see explored more of is Wayne Enterprises, where's Mr. Fox?  I'd like to be able to go visit with Lucious to obtain my upgrades in the next game...:-)  

That is an interesting twist, a bit like Assasin's Creed where you go to Davinci to get an upgrade. The Wayne Enterprises could be interesting, there is a lot they could do with that.  Instead of one big event taking place like in Arkham Asylumn and Arkham City, what about a plot that goes over the course of several days.  You not only get to play as Batman which should dominate the game, but you could also play small portions as Bruce Wayne.   But pacing is such and important part of story telling, and that could really mess it up. While I loved playing as Catwoman in Arkham City it was a bit annoying on my second play through to have my main story interrupted just do a quick cat mission. I trust Rocksteady to figure it all out, they are a bit better at those kind of things.

Ooh, it's quite the opposite for me, I'm eager in anticipation of when the next Catwoman bit comes up, it's one of the things about the Catwoman DLC which I felt broke some new ground, most other DLCs aren't so spread out and interwoven with the main campaign as this one was, the riddle trophies and challenges were a sweet reward at the end to top it all off, with you on the "I trust Rocksteady", they've yet to falter in the Batman Universe.  You expressed an interest in a "multi-player element" being added, I'd like to see a Co-op Campaign, the different playable characters introduced in Arkham City would make an excellent group for this, I do have to recommend that you play 'Gotham City Impostors', if you haven't all ready, for some excellent PvP Multiplayer, the insane amounts of customization options and surprisingly well done game mechanics are unlike anything else out there, you genuinely feel like you are on roller skates when you're wearing them, the grappling and gliding are every bit as good as Arkham City, check it out...:-)

Don't get me wrong, I loved the addition of Catwoman DLC. Incredible character, I actually wish she had more to do then the 4 small missions.  But the second time around I was pushing to get finished then I would quick take care of the Catwoman stuff and change my mindset because she does play different from Batman (which is a plus).  Played Gothem City Imposters Beta, and it just wasn't my cup tea. I prefer 3rd person shooters to first person shooters.   But I hope they take the plethora of characters they flushed out in Arkham City (Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin) and incorporate them more into the main story.  be it through co-op or parallel stories like the Catwoman DLC.  That is what I am hoping for, not really anything like versus multipler because I just don't see how that could work.

My bet is that the sequel will be called Batman: Gotham City and the main story will focus on Hush. If you've read the series you'll know that it would be a perfect follow-up to Arkham City.

Ok, in regards to adding bits like Mr. Fox etc, dare i mention the Batcave as a starting point in the game? Or should i even go near vehicles?!! Perhaps GTA but in teh Batman theme?


SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Now forgive me if i'm wrong, but didnt Joker die in this game? No chance of his return and also ties in with Luke Skywalker not doing his voice anymore. Same for Strange and a few others - they all died. Now ok, if you want to stretch you could say that it wasnt the real Joker and he pulled the old 'fake Joker' thing (again) but doubtful. For Harley to be up the duff doesnt interest me, never would have thought that in a Batman series anyway.


Dont forget when you were chatting to Robin that he mentioned Metropolis..... tie-in with Superman anyone?!!!!


For me co-op as Batman and Robin would be quality, its the direction most games are taking (RSV2, GOW, ACM etc) so by this time next year you never know....

We got some Batcave with the DLC map released in December, the Batcave also got alot of exposure in the first game, we need to go to some Restricted Area at Wayne Enterprises and get some real tech, why not have Mr. Fox hand us the keys to the Batmobile?  That would be fabulous...:-)

Rock Steady take their time with the Batman games...they dont just milk them with yearly releases, so a sequel is pretty much  on the cards considering how successful the series has been and the recent award success for Arkham City


Will have to see where it is set, and how the ending and easter egg reveals in Arkham City play out....will have to wait and see what the story based Harley Quinn's revenge leaves Batman and co at the end to know more

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