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Playing Sentinel on Hardcore right now. Quick Question for the experts.


Can you combine Tech Armor with Barrier? Ergo, active the Tech Armor, then use Barrier for increased protection? I'm assuming you can as the powers can both be there, but I haven't noticed any added damage protection when I do it.


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there wont be a difference. tech armor should be enuff, if yer really in that much trouble [on hardcore?] just take cover. seriously, stop running around and take cover

Oh no, I'm not in that much trouble. I just wanted to see if I could be like Vasir and add a layer of Barrier someone would have to go through to get to my Armor. The Tech Armor is doing just fine on its own.

i tried it once before and didnt notice anything different. cant rember if fortification+tech armor worked either, doubtful tho. bout half way into a genesis sentinel run with barack shepard, lovin it

Tech armour will override any other form of increased protection (Barriers, Fortification or geth Shield Boost).

BTW, what type of build are you going for? Assault/Guardian or Power/Raider?

Even though I find A/G a lot of fun to play, for me the P/R is the most devastating build of any class in the game - 30% power damage clears a room pretty fast.

I would recommend warp ammo or Dominate, both are nice options for bonus powers, especially dominate. Really nice to have the enemies fight each other and take the heat off you.