Sensitivity Setting Comparison (BF3/MoH -> BFBC2)

Long-time CoD fanboy here converting to BF. I tried the BF3 beta out and the rest was pretty much history. PTFO made me realize how much I've been missing out on what the BF series was really about. The controls in the BF3 beta also felt incredibly smooth compared to any other console FPS I've played. So I was thinking about giving BFBC2 another try.

So what's the sensitivity setting like between BF3 and BFBC2? Example... MoH (multiplayer mode) has identical sensitivity settings to the BF3 beta. Nudging the slider 8 spots to the left from the end made it feel identical to BF3 beta (also 8 spots to the left). Can I do the same with BFBC2? Or does it use a different sensitivity scale?

I know this all sounds ridiculous but the controls of a game is what makes it or breaks it for me. Part of the reason why I ditched CoD is because the aiming felt so jittery no matter what settings I put it on (7 was perfect for me with ADS, but hip aiming still felt sloppy). I'm not going to buy another game where I'm spending half the time fighting with the controls. I've found a sweet spot that lets me enjoy BF3/MoH and I'd like to know if I can apply the same thing to BFBC2 before going out and buying it again.


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BC2 is sluggish. I max it out and still feel slow. With BF3, it's a bit more refined. I can go like 75% and feel like a 7 in Black Ops.

BC2 is slower and slows down even more when ADS.

Yeah, BFC2 is definitely slower..

Thanks for the responses--definitely some very helpful info there. I could've sworn the controls in BFBC2 somehow felt off when I last played it also. I also ran into this article while Google searching some answers. I'm glad I wasn't imagining things.

I guess MoH will be a good alternative if for some reason the BF3 multiplayer servers act up during launch. I'm hoping they come out with a better MoH title later on though because it's pretty dumbed down even for CoD standards. It used to be one of my favorite franchises back in the day and it would suck to see it disappear over its recent poor sales.

Everyone has it spot on. MoH feels a lot smoother, and BF3 will shoot like it. But play like BFBC2 but better... Hopefully. I could be wrong though.