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Hi Gamers.

Can anyone give me tips on how NOT to get killed so much in MOH and BF3. Geeezuz. I am crouching, doing it all and still getting nailed.

Heck I am a Vietnam combat veteran and I get killed in games. Crazy!!! Whoooo



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There the types of games where you need to be part of a team , and with everything practice hun x

In Battlefield 3 you "will" need teamwork and cooperation to survive.

Pick your battles wisely. Don't sprint around corners.


Like other people said before me,

You need to have a good team wich also plays as a team,

Then pick a Class that you prefer to play with,

I woud like to play with you if you want because i am also looking for a good team since my friends only play CoD

Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks Maz.. Put me on your friends list.

Wow...Impressive STATS!!.... I noticed the 1st Cav patch. I was with the 34th Scout Dog Division, known as the " Eyes and Ears" of the 1st Cav, Tay Ninh, Quang Tri, An Ke, South Vietnam. 1968-1970.

Yep, Team Play and Spirit. That's what I am looking for. I didn't get to bed this morning until 0500. Up all night playin MOH single player. I finally got to where you drive the ATV. Geeeuz, what a thrill that was!