selling stolen goods...

Have any of you tried to sell stolen stuff to Enthir in winterhold college?  He said he would buy stolen goods and even has 2 ways to get to his trading screen but none of my stolen stuff shows up so I can sell it to him.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem and if theres a fix to it and is there anyone else that i can sell this stuff to?


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Not everyone will put points into the speech tree. They could be role playing a brute, and not a silver tongue thief.

Isn't there a perk on the speech tree that lets you sell any items to any merchant? Including stolen items?

A little Mudkip told me that there is no level cap and you can max out every perk so you might as well put points into speech.

You can max every skill, but there isn't enough leveling to get all the perks.

Sell to the guy at the pub in Solitude.

Thats who i use, hes right next to where your fast travel point is.

GO to RIFTTIN and just browse around the town and the thieves guild will find YOU, you dont find them. You can sell your stolen items there.

ya I ended up just going back there.  It must be a glitch because Enthir is part of the thieves guild and he told me that I could sell him stolen goods.  References it every time I clicked on him but they wouldnt show.