Selling BFBC:2

Will you guys be selling Battlefield: Bad Company 2 after you get Battlefield 3, or will you keep it? I think I will probably keep mine because it's the first one I've played in the franchise.


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You will love Vietnam IsaacClarksSNL!!!!!!

I think I will also keep it because I have not bought Vietnam yet so there is some big replayability for a rainy day.

don't know if they still do it or not, but Hastings used to give you a brand new game when you traded in 3 used.....I haven't engaged in that practice since the last gen systems...these days I keep all my games ...ya never know

I will keep my copy..............

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Why sell it at that point, it will only be worth about $5??



trade 3 @ Gstop, value goes up, add in a coupon and some of their other deals, yeah, could, but wont


Ive had too many good times to sell it!

Why sell it at that point, it will only be worth about $5??

I won't be selling mine, maybe if the servers go completely empty I would. But even after BF3 it will still be a unique game that's better than 99% of what's out there, and I like flashing my shiny golden shield everywhere.

I never sell games, because for some reason I regret it later. Even if they are terrible.