self defence, trying to melee at the ied site

need some help, trying to defuse the ied in the basement, pull the wire, get jumped by enemy, try to melee my my way out, cant beat this guy! what buttons do i need to push? see the b button, hold down or push? also see rt come up to, the head butt kills me every time, even changed to easy still same outcome, i know how lame is this guy? help would be nice!


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just push the buttons as they appear, it's only a call and response cut away, there is nothing you can do other than that.

My 9 year old kicked that guys butt. *spoiler* After that run back to the street and shoot it out before the earthquake.

Just push the buttons as they appear do not hold them. UneasyJmitchell I don't really understand the relevance or need for the *Spoiler*?

Just hold Rb down to activate the meele animation

^ Holy crap how do people find this year old threads!?