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When are the developers going to learn that it is annoying to have a crew of 12 characters when you are trying to complete a level in free play mode?  They should introduce a simple interface that allows you to select the character you want to use for each skill that might be required (ie can use protocol droid consoles), allowing you to choose the same character for multiple slots.  For example, in this game IG-86 can interact with all bounty hunter and droid panels, so there is no reason to have IG-86, a protocol droid, and an astromech droid at the same time.  I would personally love the ability to completely customize not only which characters I take with me every time, but also the order in which they appear.  I want to know that when I hit LB from my jedi character I always find IG-86 there for all my bounty hunter and droid panel needs.


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just select IG-86 on the start screen,it shouldn`t select the same skilled characters again.

if it does then they will have another use somewhere in the level,something that IG-86 can`t do.

on a seperate note,how could you stop playing lego batman with just one achievement to get?

and its an easy one at that.

batman was my favourite.

Selecting IG-86 gets rid of some of the noise, but then you can also end up with 2 force characters if the game selects a light side character for jedi skills and then a dark side character for dark side skills, and so on.  I want to have the ability to choose my whole team and the order they appear in, not just one character.  At least in other lego games I've played the characters seem to always be in the same order by skill, even if it won't let you choose all of the characters you take with you.  IG-86 was just the most extreme example I could think of, being a character that is able to fulfill so many different requirements.


The achievement in batman is (or was) bugged.  Some people got it with no trouble, but others couldn't get it even having fulfilled the requirements.  I ran through the level several times, and even resorted to using a guide to make sure I wasn't missing any of the street lights, but even after smashing them all the achievement wouldn't unlock for me.  At some point I will pick the game back up and try to collect the last achievement, probably when I'm between games and happen to remember.

they would probably say having to choose you whole team makes it more complicated for the kids its aimed at.

i would imagine the kids would just choose the several characters that are their favourites and not the ones actually needed to complete the level.

the auto select makes sure you have everyone you need.

i never had a problem with batman so it must be fixed.

What I mean is to have a separate feature, not given at the start of a level but something accessible from a menu, in which you select a character for each skill.  So if a level calls for an astromech droid and you have set IG-86 in that skill slot then the game will choose IG-86 instead of something random.  The game would still choose random characters for any skills that a level requires that you have not set prior to entering a level.  I've had trouble with this in some other lego games, but it seems a lot worse in this one.


BTW, I tried your suggestion, and even after having selected IG-86 as my character choice I was still saddled with an astromech droid and a second bounty hunter.  Looks like the game is set up to only count one skill per character, and in my test run it decided that IG-86 filled the protocol droid slot but not any of the others that he qualifies for.

i think star wars 3 has been made a bit more difficult and challenging on purpose as they realised a lot of adults were playing lego games instead of the kids they are aimed at.

i found  it a bit of a chore to complete compared to the others,and i really like lego games but this one bored me.

There were some features in this game that I rather liked. Ground wars was an interesting break from the normal Lego game play, and the aim assist takes into account enemy movement but better than it did in TCS (though I think it is still too strong, and should have the option to reduce it). Playing through the game normally I found no more frustration than is usual for a Lego game.


However, I do agree that going back to get 100% seemed like a lot more of a chore than it has in previous Lego games. The space missions (not the levels that happen in space, but the mini-missions that take place in every system) were boring and repetitive. I would have been much happier with the ground wars missions if instead of being time based they had AI that would actually fight back, capturing nodes and building structures as you went along. Instead of having to come up with a building strategy they turned into simple races to see how fast you could accomplish the goal, so the only ones that were at all interesting were the total annihilation levels. I think they are onto a good thing with the ground wars concept, it just needs some extra work.


I think they need to incorporate the concept of difficulty levels. On easy they could have maximum aim assist, no enemy actions in ground wars, and characters coming back to life wherever they died. On medium the assist could be reduced, enemies could destroy your buildings but not make more of their own, and characters could be resurrected some distance back in the level but without removing the progress the player had made. On hard aim assist could be minimal, characters could be resurrected at a checkpoint with all progress made after the checkpoint removed, and enemies could both destroy your buildings and make more of their own in ground wars. This would allow the game to be playable by a range of ages. They wouldn't even have to have separate achievements for the higher difficulty levels, older players would make use of them simply because they make the game more enjoyable. Obviously these levels are designed with this game in mind, and who knows what the next Lego game will be, but I would love to see something like this implemented for whatever it happens to be.