Seine Crossing Five Flag Redux

Now imagine console getting this. Then think about getting rid of most of the buildings. Next putting water where the buildings current locations are. Then add in some buildings like Bc2 (Those found on Arica Harbor) and damn would you have a good looking map. Of course we should get rid of the huge inclines and nearly level out the playing field ((leave some elevation). We would also have to get rid of the current color scheme and add a more vibrant one. We would also have to adjust contrast to make it similar to Bc2.


Your opinions?


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Nice idea but unlikely. If they ported the five flags versions of Seine, Bazaar & Canal from PC, that'd be nice though.

those bridges would be like the halways near b flag. unpozzible

*** I forgot about that. Maybe add more bridges and spread out flags more.. There was a map in Bc1 (The expansion SP map pack) that had a huge bridge in the middle and two fortresses on either side.

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those bridges would be like the halways near b flag. unpozzible

You'd think so but it's not. The bottle neck points are E and C, at least when I'm playing

idk but i like that area in seine Xing, at the first set of mcomms in rush. would be really cool to see in CQ. love the scenery in seine, just the dumbazz copy/paste stairwells/empty apt rooms in every building is cr4p. could b great. o ye and 'back streets' flag on reg game is already a fckfest

what would be awesome is if they brought some maps from bf2:mc  and make them with the frostbite two engine, tha would rule.