Seige: The train car...

..what does it do? At least all the maps have player triggered events be useful in some way but what does the train car on Seige do?


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I travels down the tracks, so if needed, it could be used as cover to get across the large open area and help protect from long range targeting.... other than that - Dont think it has any real use other than being a gimick

What about the petrol tank dangling off the crane in Freight?

  Sounds as if I need to go exploring. I usually do a bit of it before jumping into mp, then again after the first dozen or so matches. I have yet to do any at all other than during matches.


   I didnt even know about the wallbreach on warhawk untill about a week ago.

I stumbled across the button to move the rail car in siege on accident.  Now I activate it just hoping it messes with someone.  

If I'm in that little room I spam the button.


Be nice to be able to climb on it...otherwise it is useless.