Seeking scenario online co-op players

Any hardcore online scenario campaign co-op players still out there? (Hardcore meaning, no objective or item collection modes and not for high score.) I just recently switched from PS3 to Xbox 360 because most of the players on there are all either noob or high score players (Alisa rockets, Devil Jin laser and/or low to mid move spammers with Anna, Lei, Paul, Leo etc.) and I got sick of them.
I'm looking for people who love their mains and collect for only a couple of players so they don't look like a clown. People who find taking on a croud instead of 1 on 1 fighting is fun and also skillfull.
Please no rage attack, no elements, no money item and no no health meter. Even on hard difficulty, health meter, attack, item drop rate, nullify and defence/restore is all you need.
My Xbox 360 gamertag is: SlantEyedSorrow
Message me because I don't accept random friend requests. Thanks so much for reading. Have fun!                 


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GT : Platinum M23 I'm  ready for anything

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