Seeking Reach Friends!!

Seeking Halo Reach friends for LIVE! Add Me: DarkNitemare24

I enjoy playing anything really and just like playing to have fun.

Just got live back on the 12th and been online daily for the past few days.


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It is kind of hard to believe that 6 hours later and nobody has replied to my post or added me. I find that Halo Reach is still pretty popular and I just prefer playing with people rather than alone so I wanted to have some new players!

Perhaps people are fine with the friends they have : )


In all seriousness, most people are probably fine with who they know. Post a bit more, actually make a friend, you might end up playing with them. Most people probably aren't looking for casuals, but a proper friend is always nice.

If you head on over to the "Forum Game Night" thread, I'm sure you'll meet a lot of Reach players, myself included.

It doesn't help that your K/D isn't all that great. Some people don't care about that sort of thing, I do...

I am not a judgmental person and I will play with anyone, good or bad, because I just enjoy playing and having fun. But I've been back off LIVE for a few months and every time my LIVE runs out, I end up loosing friends. So I am just looking for some new players to play with. I don't have set times or days, and I don't stay up real late at night any more because I am in college. But hopefully some people will add me who are just here to play and have fun!

Dark, I got your message when I checked on my thread this morning. I'll send you a friend request when I get on the box in a couple of minutes.

I don't care about your rank, K/D, or anything like that. Live is here to just play video games, it doesn't matter which ones. Lucky for you I've found myself quite addicted to Reach once again. ^^

I also have a pretty big group of guys and gals that get together almost nightly to play some custom matches and I'm sure you'll fit in with everyone. I look forward to playing with you man.

See ya on the field,


EDIT: Went ahead and sent you a friend request from the PC.

well last night while I was playing with another forum member I got a FR from someone on our team, hes was somewhat good, dont know if the dude I was playing with also got the same FR but yeah you can also send FR to your teammates if you notice you did good on a match with them

not everyone will send you a FR some people you need to send them the FR instead

FR sent