Seeking Mature Gamers in Illinios to play 360 with.

I'm 27 years old male Gamer who works alot offline, so when i sit down and start up my 360 i prefer to play people who lack a High pitch kid voice....  I've been through too many matches in games where I have to deal with hearing some kid over the mic screaming at an annoying pitch..   I'm Currently have within my reach  Defiance,Minecraft,Xenominer,total miner:forge, Castle minerZ, Lara craft: Gol,borderlands 2, halo 3, The hunted demons forge.  I have access to a family video nearby so i can even handle arranging for a gaming week of a rented game thats Co-op.  taking into mind work schedules.

I've been bored alot lately and theres a lack of finding others who live within my state to chat and game with.


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im 22 female. down for play Lara Croft Gol. i play diablo alot too

24 M here. Just got AC black flag so I reckon I'll be kinda obsessed with it for the next couple all the halos and borderlands also

IL in the house!

Hey my gamer tag is GhoulishRope9.  I love in central Illinois. I have both consoles.  I also got ac4 black flags.  I love it but the recordings become very pixilated because of the system only integration for streaming and recording.  I have a ton of games for 360 every halo but the remake of halo:anniversary. I'm 18, male.  I am studying video game design and I have taken a private tour of Volition, the company that made the Saints Row games( I can't say anything else about it though,  just hush kinda thing). I play EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY SO JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE WITH FRIEND REQUEST SO I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  P. S.  I'm am xbox live ambassador so I can help you with issues,  questions, and problems.  The names Josh.

I've also got defiance and mine craft Vaskallion.

I dont get why my ambassador icon isnt showing... hmm... I'll have to look into that.