Seeking mature and teamwork oriented Black Ops players

After playing Black Ops for the better half of a year I'm getting a little tired of random public matchmaking. I like to play as part of a tactical squad that sticks together, devises strategies between rounds in party chat, and uses the mic to coordinate for effectiveness during matches. Having said that, I'm not a pro gamer or even competitive really; I couldn't care less about my ratios or gamerscore, I just play for fun.


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Finally someone who's on the same level as me. I'm looking for the same thing especially in for COD games.  Playing with a team and coordinating tasks makes it more fun and interesting. If you don't mind I'm going to add you.

Sounds like the kind of gaming I want too, mind if I add you both?


It's a while that I seen someone else express the word "Teamwork".

It's a whole new game when folks actually play to have fun and play it like it was meant to be.

Sure, I play more than just Black Ops, go ahead, and add me!