Seeking help/guidance

Hey guys...just curious...need some help/pointers.


I am going after this commendation in Multiplayer:

Mobile Asset:

Kill an enemy with a vehicle in Multiplayer Matchmaking

Anyone have any suggestions on  what game modes or where I should go to start pursuing that commendation??


Thank you, in advance.


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My suggestion would be to play BTB or Invasion.  These two gametypes consistantly have vehicles to use.  I also suggest you pick a specific vehicle to get good at and make a dash for it when you spawn.  Each vehicle has it's strengths and it's weaknesses, get to know them.  It'll save you life.

Elite Slayer on open maps, like Breakpoint. It ends up being alot of fighting in ghosts.

Kill them using a vehicle?

I'd say start playing with a mate who likes Big Team and gun on their Warthog, but that's just me. Anything on Hemorrhage would probably be best, too, it's a good map for Warthogs.