Seeking help with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

When I first got Ghosts, I'd had little to no problems with the game. Worked perfectly. Now, since about a month before Titanfall came out (using that only as a time reference, nothing more), I've had issues with running Ghost's multiplayer. I did the whole "hold down your finger on the power button until the console turns off" to clear my cache, and that fixed my problem only once. I tried another method, turning the system off and unplugging it, waiting for 2-3 minutes, plugging it back in, waiting for the light on the power brick to go from White to Orange, then turned the console back on (another supposed method to clearing the cache), I tried that once, it only worked once. Now, as of today, I'm trying to play some Ghosts with a friend, and I'm running into the SAME problem now.

My problem is as follows. I load the game, sometimes it'll go straight to the multiplayer menu rather than the main menu, but either way, once I GET to the Mutliplayer menu, within 2-5 seconds, the game freezes. I can dashboard out, select to quit the game, but no matter what I do, the moment I get to the Multiplayer menu, either for regular multiplayer, or extinction, the game freezes and I can go no further. I'm extremely frustrated at this point. I just want to play my game. Since clearing the cache and whatnot hasn't worked, I'm currently in the process of re-installing the game. Anyone else having this exact issue, or know of a fix for it? I'm tired of dealing with this when other games I own aren't having this problem, and I'd rather not trade the game in just because of the frustration this issue is causing. Any help would be appreciated.


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I should also make note, I'm on an Xbox One.

go back to the 360 version since the update its working better than it ever did, takes a while to get into a game but theres hardly any lag now, for me anyway its like since the update they have put up dedicated servers and the countdown takes longer for each game now, ive gone from a 1.00 k/d ratio to about 1.08 in just a few hours play, getting used to being top scorer on team death now, wow im actually liking this game now, think titanfall gave infinity ward the kick up the backside they deserved.

When you are at the multiplayer menu, give it a minute or two because I ran into the same problem then I waited at least a minute and it worked.

Hope this helps!


Do the updates?

I'm having a similar issue.  I've got COD ghosts as a download and it always freezes when I get to the multiplayer screen or while loading a multiplayer match.  I uninstalled the game, purchased the disc from amazon for $40, disconnected the console from the web, installed the game from disc, connected to the web and it plays without any issues....  Except, now the Xbox is automatically downloading the digital download in the background, installing it, and I'm back to having the issues with it freezing until I uninstall and reinstall from disc again.  The download is broken but it keeps installing itself onto my console and I can't figure out how to stop it.

I had an issue where it took forever to load, would freeze for like 90 seconds at the menu or a lot of times It wouldn't even read the disk and would have to eject and reload the disk 9-10 times just to play...Mine was a simple fix...I used a cdrom lens cleaner. It cleans the head of the cd reader. Buy one most anywhere..Insert it, takes about 20 seconds...done. Fixed my problem...Hope this helps...Now I have no problems (knock on wood), goes straight to the menu, gets into the lobbies no problems...