Seeking a few outstanding members

The power of an army lies within its laws. An Army that obeys them will survive. One that ignores them, or that is unruly, or that makes light of their officers, that Army will surely die upon the field to their betters, and no better fate would they deserve.

The 12th Axiom of Leadership - The Legionnaire's Field Guide


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Glad you are happy with your group.  In the future, please post your own threads and keep your clan recruitment ads out of those started by others.  Thanks.

acually were are very repected and we have  5star rating from xbox it self no lie of a word it s the most high recomended clan on here I have beed registerd for over more then 51 day and no one has left it is one of the most amazing clans ever

Very classy of you to hijack classified ads made by others.  I'm sure that after being a member of CallMeGamer for 21 days or so you can speak with great authority as to the integrity of your group.  lol.

Check out our clan where you are treated with respect go here