Seeking a clan.

Howdy folks im Snoopy.

I am seeking a mature laid back clan with a competitive streak. I don't want to be in a clan that is jam packed with kids. I recently left my last clan due to these reasons.

I am 20 years old and scottish. (Added scottish incase thats a problem for anyone.)

I have played in a wide variety of clans from top end. to community based and would love a mix of the both.

I play a wide variety of games also such as MW2, Black Ops, Homefront and fifa. I will also be purchasing GoW3 on thursday.

If anyone has any questions or is interested in my services i would appreciate if you private chat me so i can get to know you a bit before i dive in the site and get involved to see if we get along, Although a reply on this will be sufficient if it is all you can produce.

Thanks Broskis.


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scope out they are amazing / have an amazing site, i used to be with them but had to leave due to no gaming time

dude come over to DHG we dont have anyone under the age of 16 and thats a policy we strictly inforce. we have many different games ranging from halo reach gear of war 3 black ops runescape world of warcraft modern warfare 2 and soon we will be opening up new divisions for modern warfare 3 and battlefield 3 if you are intersted check out the website of and if you like what you see send a message to DHG RAVENDragon saying that i pointed you in his direction and ask for more info

we are all about gaming and getting to know each other we have tournaments each month and some you have to pay for but others you do not

Visit us at BHV, were looking for more Black ops players and id love to see you in my squad :)

If you play Halo you should check us out, but we're a Halo only group.



The Known Outlaws are looking for you!

The Known Outlaws are looking for gamers, 18+ of age, who are competitive, have fun and love to win matches. We are an elite clan. We are The Known Outlaws(KO). We have teams who work hard to be where they are today. KO is about being a part of something bigger then yourself. Your voice, hard work, and dedication will not go unnoticed. Possibly even rewarded on your dedication to the clan. KO has been around for 7 years and has 20+ members. We are looking for spots to be filled in Reach, Black Ops, and GOW 3 at this time.

Games we play:


Coming soon:

Halo 4

KO Nights:

Some clans don't have this where everyone gets together on the same game and plays. Oh do we play as a team, wreck havoc on maps, cause people on the other teams to quit cause they fear us, and we have people challenge our strength. But KO also has fun, and over all enjoy each others company. We do not go by kills or who won us the match. We simply win for KO. We do not go by KD. We go by attitude, and how much you really want to be in a really awesome elite clan. You are stronger together than alone. If you are tired of rage quitters and team members quitting when you may have been able to win the match. Then come and give KO a try, we have structure, and we move as a unit. We also have many strong members in our clan who you will meet and simply enjoy the atmosphere that KO has to offer.

Here in KO, we help with gamers who wish to become better in skill and wish to just kill enemies on game. We have many gamers who do one on one time with members to help them out with whatever they wish to get better at, snipers, DMR, MlG, ect. We do not judge, we help each other succeed in the clan. KO trains and works hard to become better.

If interested please contact KO Tatsuke300 who is the recruit and Co-Leader in KO. She will direct you and try you out for KO material. The trial lasts up to ten days, this is mainly for attitude towards others and to see what you have in skill. Skill may place you on a team, which helps us crush other clans and get us to victory and soon GBs. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you on the battle field!

The Known Outlaws!

Do you have what it takes to become apart of something bigger then yourself?

Our site:

Now recruiting for BF3 (XBox and PC) and COD:BO which will switch to MW3!!!

Come check us out!!!      The Lost Faction Recruitment Post 

Then Renegade Gaming is for YOU!!!

We are more than a clan…we are a gaming community.

We are looking for members that will be active on XBL & the RGC Forums.

All skill levels

All play styles

Our forums are based on a military structure, you advance as YOU make it happen,

We have about 1,000 members active weekly.

We sent teams to MLG Columbus & Dallas.

We have podcast, machinima, design team, tournaments, and GB teams.

We are always looking for talented people to join our teams there too.

Go to

Click on FORUM and Register

Make sure to put >>>RGC Minxy<<< as referrer

And join the >>>Salvation<<< Battalion

"Please don't post in the how to join section because your already accepted"

Once there Message Me.. ^_^ RGC Minxy ..

See you ONline ^_^