Secure hdcp link not found

Whenever I go to watch a movie or use sky player I get an error message "secure hdcp link not found". I only get this though HDMI, I've been putting up with this for a while now and have been using VGA to watch my movies on use sky player.  My TV is a LG M2262D and it says It supports HDCP. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Help appreciated.


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Try the same cable and Xbox 360, on another display. Try another cable, with the same Xbox 360 and display.

This will help determine if it's the cable, display, or Xbox 360 at fault.

Also there's a number of issues similar reported on the internet. I did a Google search and found them.

Thanks for you help, I'm pretty sure it's not the cable, I have two cables and they both do it on the same TV. I havn't tried it on another HDTV, I'll try the TV downstairs, if this doesn't work then I'll know if it is the TV or the Xbox. Not much I can do If it is the TV is their, I'll just have to continue using the VGA cable for DVD's and Sky player. Thanks for your help anyway.

Turn off display discovery on the 360 (under the system/display settings) and that should fix things...

never worked but thanks for the suggestion. I'm just gonna use my monitor/vga for DVD's and sky player, it actually looks real good on it. I'm watching Old Skool on it now, looks great.

I tried the "turn off discovery" option before and it took me 2 weeks to figure out how to use my xbox again because everything was garbled and i didn't have the old OLD OLD tv anymore. Right now I'm using a westinghouse computer monitor and its worked fine till tonight when I can play fable 3 or download anything including streaming vids for those game ads, but I can't watch a dvd. not a burned copy dvd, an original store bought dvd. what the heck microsoft???

I got the secure hdcp link not found a few months ago.Ive tryed 3 HDMI cables and read everything that i could read about the issue and nothing has helped.I took my monitor to a friends house and used his xbox and movies played fine on it.My blueray on my monitor works perfect.Its something inside the xbox causing it.I think it has someting to do with the display discovery.I didnt have a problem untill I changed setting out of curiosity one day.

I disconnected then reconnected and it worked perfectly