Sectoid Question - Spoliers and late game discussion warning

Hi all,

Just needed to ask some questions about the game in the later stages.
I finished it on Normal the other day and was looking at the list of achievo's and found I had missed one to with all research projects. I checked my previous post with the research tree in it and I think I am missing an Interrogate Sectoid, I got the commander I just need a regular dude.
I have a save file from just before the final chapter as it were but does anyone think I will see a regular sectoid again?

I read online that occasionaly you may get a council mission which involves these elusive little grey men but it may or may not arrive. Anyone else having the same issue as me?


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Keep in mind, if you already accepted that you're planning on assaulting the ship you won't progress any research. Late game I only found regular raisins within the ship itself and not from taking down any UFOs or anything.

It's very unlikely you will find any standard Sectoids that late in the game. I found you stop getting them after the Alien Base Assault mission. I've also missed that achievement because I missed the sectoid. Just about to get it now, on my second playthrough.

I had progressed into the single player campaign to just before using the Gallop chamber. At that

Point the regular sectoids become rare. But they do spawn on missions of various natures. Just pay

Attention to what the Hyperpulse chamber tells you what are the aliens types that are spawn for each

Mission and be patient, because they will spawn again. Just becareful, and keep at least 1 soldier equipped

With an Arc Thower handy on the mission to capture a sectoid.