Secret parts of the map in demo?

Well not secret, there obvious on the map, but i dont know how to get to them, and im pretty sure you can, unless its just in the demo that you cant, as you can clearly see a sphere in on of the areas just begging to be opend, the areas are at the bottom of the stairs after you have assend to the first hostile part of the map, and as you go up the stairs to the right, im sure you know where i mean, as i doubt it can be that obvious how i missed to get in, maybe its quite obvious but it cant be instantly obvious, i did about 5-6 hours on the demo and never found a way in, anyone been in them?


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I don't think you can get in those areas in the current AF period. From what I saw when I finished the demo you can see Noel and Mog at the Bresha Excavation site in a different AF period looting the treasure chest that floats above.

Yeah I agree with FinalEclipse think carefully about what the game centers on: Time Travel.  If you can't get in that period of time try again maybe later in another time period.  I have had this with a door which I could not open and the gates I couldn't use.

Good point lads... im starting to get real buzzed for it now. the time travel element could really ad something new to the FF series if it works right.