Secret achievement?

So according to  you get this achievements in chapter 4 act 1.  From what I understand what you have to do is not destroy any of the ash people, whether it be shoot them or run into to them.  So my question is this.  I played this chapter 2 times and both times I never destroyed any ash people and the achievement didn't pop up.  Anyone else run into this issue.


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I think I destroyed every one of them hoping it was the guy running away lol. I guess I will have to try this for the achievement now.

Oh ok, thanks.  I was under the impression you had to talk to Ice T first.  My bad

YOU personally cannot destrpy any of the ash people, AIs can. Later when you are approaching Griffin's office there is a caged door, you have to approach it, the woman behind it talks to you says something like "I guess you aren't all bad" and opens the door, when the door opens the cheevo will pop

Worked fine for me,are you sure you're not shooting polyps that are blowing them up.Also you have to go to a gated  doorway on you're way to see the guy.When you go up to the gated door there's a woman behind a counter in the room,she says something to you and unlocks the gate,go inside and you should get it.

I know how, but this is spoilerish material.