Second Security Prompt - Help

OK.  I've seen the previous threads in regards to this, and I was fairly certain I turned the prompt "off", but it STILL happens.  So, to anyone out there, how in the hell do I turn this option off?  I do not want/need a second email address assigned to my account, and I do not want/need MS/Xbox asking me every other time I sign in to add one.


Thanks to anyone that can help.


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I have this problem too.

I thought everyone had multiple email accounts these days.Never the less it seems as if Microsoft is over complicating things.I fear the new system will be worse and that why the Playstation 4 seems like a better choice.All I want is a system I can plug in and play-not jump through hoops and pray they let me play the games I purchased.I think we should make a thread about this in the feedback forums and everyone that agrees leave a comment.

I fixed the same problem by switching off auto sign in , it never pops up that annoying message about security and 2nd email and whatnot now , I just sign in manually via the guide button .