season pass questions

i heard cliffy b say on a video season pass holders get the new dlc "horde command" now, is this true? and where would we get it if it is true.


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ok now i understand completely thanks a lot :)

The season pack gets you the first four dlcs for the price of the season pass, which is a reduced price. It looks like each dlc will ahve some character skins and weapon skins, but other than the liquid chrome skin, the season pass does not give you access to any of the current weapon skins.

oh ok, so we get all dlc for free? and current dlc such as weapon skins just come down in price?

It is not available until November 1st, whether you have the season pass or no. If you have the season pass you still have to place Horde Pack dlc 1 in you queue the day it comes out for it to download.

No ... Season Pass holders get all future DLC at no charge.  If you buy the season pass now, you also save 33% off the overall DLC price, if you were to buy all future DLC packs.