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I bought the season pass now how do I get the muscle car pack free?


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Your question is probably already answered at

I'd imagine you now go to the Muscle Car Pack page on the marketplace and download it from there, if it works how I think it works the Muscle Car Pack should show up as being free for you.

If it is at all like L.A Noire's season pass, then after downloading the season pass you will need to download the dlc through the game for it to be free. The Xbox Marketplace will in all likelyhood still charge you MS points for each DLC otherwise.

that makes sense. Thanks for the answer star

Jacob Sussman, Mechanical Engineer

that was so helpful west point

Jacob Sussman, Mechanical Engineer

I'm sorry.  I should have known that you wanted someone else to do your search on the most active FM4 forum on the Internet.


No worries though, next time I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

It's just like Starfuryalpha said. You gotta go to the marketplace tab in the main menu and it should be unlocked already, at least it seemed that way for me.

yes, it's thru the game only otherwise you'll be charged for the download.

one downside seems to be that you have to download each car one by one, and it's taking ages!

i tell alie, you don't do each car separately after all. it just looked that way before i started it.

downloading is a bit hit and miss at the moment though. Very slow for some downloads. Also, the muscle car pack is 340mb and takes 5 secs to download. well not quite, but it tells you it's downloaded when clearly it can't have done for a file that size!

I noticed the same thing; just guessing but I think the muscle car pack was already in the game and locked.


Last night I managed to get all the LCE, Season pass, etc. downloaded.


Here's the entire list:

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde Game Addon (Gamestop LCE car)


Limited Collector's Edition Pack Game Addon (code was in the game)


Launch Track Pack Game Addon (code was in the game)


Launch Bonus Car Pack Game Addon (code was in the game)


2012 BMW M5 Game Addon


Season Pass Game Addon