Season pass now has me concerned

With how much Epic is charging for skins for weapons the season pass now has me concerned.3600 ms points for something that is just cosmetic compared to 2400 for 4 DLCs.Will the DLC content be lacking? Sure seems it will be.Nothing has been said about what actually will be in it other than it will add to existing game modes,campaign,etc.GOW2 All fronts had 19 maps for what,1600 ms points? OK Epic,before I even consider getting the Season Pass you all better tell us what actually is going to make up the DLC for GOW3.# of maps,skins,levels etc is in each one.I have a feeling these DLCs will not have much in each of em.


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i think the reason the weapon combo pack is 3600 is because it includes 105 skins.

But cosmetic and dont add anything other than looks.That is what has me concerned.IT SKINS!!!  If EPIC is charging that much for them just think what the DLC content will be.I just dont see how da look of a weapon can be waaay more than the actually DLC itself.

Hmm I still don't think 105 skins justifies 3600 MSP

well it works out at about  40p a skin and you can buy all the skins for specific weapons such as all the lancer skins for 1200. if you brought all of the specific weapon packs seprate then you would be paying 4800. you can also buy static weapon skin packs for 240 and animated for 320. i might buy one or two packs depending on what they look like. and yes they are only cosmetic so it doesnt make a difference if you buy them or not.

This isnt about buying them or not.ITS about something that is just COSMETIC costing ALOT more than the actual DLC itself.And so far No one even knows what is even going to be in the DLC.I got my VG and my golds will be the ones I use regardless.I could see if the skins cost under the actual DLC itself but charging $15 than the DLC is just plain stupid.

I understand what he's saying. if the gun skins are so over priced then the DLC could be over priced. He's also saying that each DLCs by themselves might end up being smaller then the ones from Gears 2

well i think in the description for the season pass it says you get 4 batches of dlc. it doesnt say map packs. it could be one map pack, one weapon pack and two character packs.

Season pass has been confirmed by Rod that it will include, Beast Mode, Horde Mode, SP and MP content as well as weapon and character skins.

2400 MSP you’ll gain access to the first four pieces of DLC; the first of which is out this November. Apparently the pass represents a 33% saving on buying all the DLC separately. To sweeten the deal purchasers of the Season Pass will get the “exclusive Liquid Metal Weapon Set” for free.

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the all fronts map pack was only that cheap because they were tryin to get people to play gears more there were only a couple of new maps all the others were just old maps they were tryin to sell to more people, the reason the gears 3 one is so much more is because the game only comes out on tuesday so to have some dlc's for it already there gunna cost more