Season Pass not working for me ???

Ok i bought the Gears of War console along with the season pass. Now when i loaded the game up i got a 2mb update and after that nothing. I have tried redownloading it from my history through my PC and on my also from my Xbox. I also cleared my cache on the harddrive and still bloody nothing. The funny thing about all of this it worked fine for my brother.


Any help would be great guys.


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I think its because of the dashboard update

Season Pass is not working for many customers and the problem is with epic. i just asked microsoft for redemption codes for the points i was shafted on.

just go back to your previous downloads and re download it and see if that helps.

all i did was put the game in went to redeem code and downloaded what i was prompted to do, if you go to th elive market it will still show that you dont have it but you do

The same thing happened to me you need to deleted the gears DLC, clear cache, delete profile only, then recover profile. Then download the season pass again. After that put in gears and it should prompt you to downlaod the horde pack and you should be straight from that point on.

I also paid for the season pass and cannot download the new add-on as it wants me to pay for it.  I thought this way was supposed to make it easier to get the dlc.....

this happened to me also, have bought season pass early on and did not recieve weapon skins, noticed my son had it instead of me and now he has the new maps??? how does that work when the gamertag it was bought on can't use the content but it gets loaded up on to someone elses gamertag???

My roommate bought it last night and can't download the the horde pack but when I logged in today it asked if I wanted to download it. I haven't bought the season pass. So I have it and she doesn't


A bit more imfo as well i bought the season pass just after lauch and it was download on the Gears console.