Season Pass: January DLC link

If you have the Season Pass downloading this car (it's free for everyone) will also unlock access to the rest of the cars in the January DLC/car pack.


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So, you're saying you get the whole January DLC for free?

...this car (it's free for everyone)...



Just like every other car pack... When you download the free car, it places the entire pack in your game. The other cars remain locked until you pay for them. They do this for a couple fo reasons... 1: To prevent any online issues that may come up if someone in the game has a DLC car that you haven't purchased. 2: Seeing the cars locked at the dealers may make you want to purchase the rest of the pack. I'm sure there are other reasons, but those two came to mind immediately.

If you have the season pass, you supposed to download all DLC within the game and not from the marketplace. It shows up as free within the game, just download one of the cars and you got it.