Season Pass Gone Missing?

 i bought the season pass and my liquid weapon skin is not available.  and when i visit the gears marketplace from in game it says i have yet to purchase the dlc, but in the xbl marketplace when i search for it it says its already downloaded.  the content is in my hard drive and i've taken steps to ensure that it is properly downloaded (clearing system cache; deleting and re downloading; checking at; and downloading it from but it still doesn't show.  i could care less for the skin but i want to make sure that i do have the season pass. what should i do???


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sorry reposted accidentally plz comment on orig. thx

What does it say when you try to download the pass from the Gears Marketplace from in-game?

that its 2400 msp.  and to confirm the purchase :/

hmm...did you get the system update today?

yup didn't change anything... when i deleted my account and recovered it there was also one for gears but still nothing changed. not sure if xblmp glitch or gears

See if it's in your Download History and try to download it from there again.

already did from xbl and deleted and redownloaded at least four times

Well if you want to check. The liquid metal skin is at the very bottom of the weapon skin selection screen. The little icon looks nothing like liquid metal though.

yeah i've seen it on someone elses console but on my console it isn't there its not even grayed out like the other skins...

Alright, new problem.  I added the dlc to cue from and its now telling me that it is assigned to another console?  I downloaded it from my profile on my xbox. what happened?  (Yes i recently switched xbox s and recovered my gt.  Didn't do license transfer until after i downloaded it but does that matter it was on the one xbox with my account and even if it did download to the second xbox then why would it be on my harddrive now and after the license transfer wouldn't that have been transferred too?)