Season Pass, can you purchase after DLC is released?

Hello all! I applogize if this has been answered in another thread already, but I could not find one if it has. My question is, can you purchase the gow3 season pass AFTER the DLC has came out, not buy the DLC, but purchase the Season Pass, and it still include that DLC with it? For example: DLC released November 1st, I buy Season Pass Novemeber 2nd, will the Nov 1st DLC be included or must I purchase them seperately? Thanks in advance!


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Yea I remember reading somewhere that you can purchase it after DLC is released. I know you can get it after the 1st one and maybe the 2nd one

Okay thanks a lot, kind of broke after buying skins and paying off BF3, so thought I'd ask just in case.

I remember in one of the interviews with Cliffy B I think that he said that they'll have the Season Pass available until "it's just stupid". So you could probably hold out until the last bit of DLC comes out and it'll still be there.

Sounds like something he'd say. Thanks for the reply!