Anyone else having initial problems getting into a game? I like to play HC CTF but sometimes I can't seem to get into a game so I switch to HC TDM and I will get in. Then I have to switch back...argh!?


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That's a server error try going into the menu then back to multiplayer.

I haven't played it in a day because I have been busy with MGRR

Could it be you are playing at a off peak time so there isn't much traffic in HC CTF? CTF in general isn't played by a lot of people compared to the rest of the game modes so the HC version community must be even smaller.

^^Thats probably a big part of it.  

  When I wind up sitting in a lobby searching, its usually during what I would think would be high traffic times, and if the lights on the spinning globe are a somewhat accurate depiction of whats going on, that backs it up too. My entire region will be glowing solid yellow. ( does anyone know if this is indeed accurate?)

  But that leads me to somewhat agree with silent sniper. Restarting my cosole sometimes helps, but also changing my preference to any will usually get me in a match too ..... although a very poor quality one. I assume it has to do with the most local matchmaking servers beeing at or near max capacity

I noticed it the other day - just searching - i just backed out and restarted and it worked