Searching for casual gamer

hello, iam seeking for relaxed xbox live friends who enjoy co-op and custom games new and old for achievement or entertainment wise.

20 years old, to much time on hand and wish to make the best used of live

I don't have a wide library just some bargain game every few months cause i tend to revisit most of them, anyhow if u have similar tittle and want some companies to fool around or achieve something new iam alway willing (especially game like borderland, halo, red dead and resident evil) and i'm open to other games given the right information. Thanks for the read and cya in game perhaps


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Always looking for new friends on XBOX. I'm an achievement junkie and like a lot of the games you play. I'm working on Borderlands and BFBC2 right now mostly on XBL quite often so add me if you like.

What games do you have/ play the most? I would also like to perhaps play with you in any if we have both :D

Hello fellow forum goers!


I consider myself a bit of an achievement hunter, i really enjoy co-op gaming, you are all more then welcome to add me so long as a message is sent with it letting me know..i have a memory like a sieve aha!

yoyo add me

Decide to give tread a second chance but hate to say haven't expand my collection in a while. Can say will be getting halo anniversary once it and have the luck of beating it co-op, also hoping to get one or two of the major release after most are out. Alway looking to increase my friends list so send request if you like.

Hey, I don't mind helping out others with some achievements, my game collection isn't always up to date with the hottest titles, and I'm lacking an xbox live gold membership at the moment but I'm working on it. I'm also a co-op player as long as your a fun loving person, main genres I play are FPS, Action/Adventure, Sandbox, RPG. I play others as well.

hey, sent you a friend request. I also tend yo be a bargain player. Currently, working on games like GTA IV, Borderlands, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Red Dead Redemption - all MP achievements still need to be gained :)

There's no **** in showbiz

Everyone feel free to send me a request as well :) I'm also a casual gamer that likes to enjoy the games rather than losing my mind lol. I don't get mad at anyone for making mistakes or playing poorly.

Sounds like u r looking for us

is there anyone out there that wants to coop with me on saints row 3,im cheevo gt jimmy mallery.could really do with sum help.thank you kindly.